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Study Questions
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What are Study Questions Literature Apps?

Castle360's Study Questions Literature Apps for iPhone and iPad provide plenty of supplementary information and review questions to help you reinforce your understanding of various literary works.

What do I get with each app?

Each app includes:
  • Hundreds of review questions covering every chapter/scene
  • Hints and Reasons for each question so you can understand "why" the correct answer is what it is
  • Author info to give you background information about the author
  • Synopsis to summarize the work
  • Why We Read This helps you understand why the literary work is important for us to read
  • Who's Who to identify all the key characters of the work
  • Glossary to help you understand important terms
  • Summaries of each chapter/scene

Which titles are available?

  • The Crucible (176 questions)
  • Fahrenheit 451 (141 questions)
  • The Great Gatsby (187 questions)
  • The Hunger Games (280 questions)
  • Macbeth (184 questions)
  • Of Mice and Men (183 questions)
  • The Scarlet Letter (303 questions)
  • A Streetcar Named Desire (239 questions)

How much do they cost?

Just $1.99 each!

To purchase, please use the App Store app from your iPhone or iPad (search: Study Questions for "title") or, even easier, view this page on your iPhone or iPad and click at the top-right of each sampler.

Can I see what they look like?

Yes! Just click any of the big blue buttons on the preceding page.

These "Samplers" show you the full capabilities of the actual apps, though with limited content. Just enough to give you a sense of what kind of information and activities are available to you when you purchase the app.

Note that the Samplers show how the apps appear on an iPad. The iPhone versions of the apps have the identical content as the iPad versions, but are presented in a slightly different format to fit the size of the device:


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